A Winter Light Festival
for Germering

Last winter, ‘Celebration’ was the motto for the new festive lighting Installation for Germering, about which its inhabitants, as well as its visitors, were able to rejoice. The original light concept, tailored to the locations of the Bavarian town, emerged through good cooperation between Germering City Marketing, the company ‘Lichtconcept’ from Übersee am Chiemsee, and MK Illumination. A central two-dimensional light object representing joy and optimism served as the leitmotif for ‘Celebration’ throughout the town. The ‘Celebration’ motifs specifically crafted for Germering had a sweeping, abstract form, and shone in both in a warm and brilliant white light. An attractive day effect was also planned so that the festive decorations’ Appeal was not limited to after dark. That is why we used our Organic Balls, which during the daylight hours created a pleasing visual effect and are also 100% recyclable